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5 Ways to Gain Insights with Google Analytics

Now that the web is a highly competitive space for businesses, it’s more critical than ever to strategize, refine and analyze your business’ online marketing strategy using Google Analytics to save you time, money and improve your results.

Chances are you are using or have used Google Analytics. Migrating to Universal Analytics now, Google Analytics helps businesses gain valuable insights into customer acquisitions, marketing performance, and customer experience — to name a few. If you aren’t using Google Analytics to its fullest now, you’re missing out on crucial insights to help you reach your marketing and sales goals.

While you won’t be Google Analytics certified quite yet, check out these 5 easy ways to gain more valuable insights with your Google Analytics data today.

Check out Cyfe and sign up for FREE.

Cyfe is a comprehensive data monitoring platform with over 90,000+ satisfied users, including AT&T, ABC, Groupon, Marriot, and more. Praises have been given to Cyfe by Forbes, PC World, Mashable, and Tech Crunch – to name a few.

Cyfe is loaded with features, as you can imagine. With Cyfe’s pre-built widgets, you can connect your Analytics account and let them do the mining for you. Also, do this with many popular services, like Mail Chimp, Pinterest, Constant Contact, iTunes, Amazon Web Services, and more. If you use a program not included on its long list, create a custom widget or push API, instead.

Cyfe truly is an all-in-one dashboard. Manage your sales, projects, analytics (for every platform) and reporting, plus everything else under the sun. Best of all, it’s FREE. You can go premium for $19/mo or $14/mo, if paid annually. Premium features include unlimited users and historical data. Check out all the premium features here.

Cyfe makes it easy for Google Analytics users to visually see, track and gain insights from your data. It’s definitely worth your time to check it out.

As an alternative to Cyfe, try Segment.

Trusted by over 5,000 customers, including Nokia, Angie’s List and Condé Nast, Segment is a another all-in-one platform for integrating your tools to gain insights. Integrate Google Analytics, along with your other software, and Segment helps helps test, track, and perfect your marketing strategy, from the beginning of the sales process to relationship nurturing. See its full list of integrations here.

Segment offers new users a free 14-day trial, and after that, choose from five monthly subscriptions tiers: Developer Integrations at no cost, Project Integrations at $49/mo or $421/yr, Startup Integrations at $99/mo or $1,069/yr, Growth Integrations at $449/mo or $4,849/yr, or discuss custom pricing with Segment for Business Integrations. Check out the differences here.

Find out if your current software can integrate with Google Analytics.

A lot of marketing applications and channels are now compatible with each other. For example, in many email marketing platforms, you can work with your Google Analytics to create advanced link tracking. Here’s how to do it on Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. Also, many of the popular social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer also allow integrations with Google Analytics.

If you’re going to be spending time sending emails, creating content, posting and engaging on social media, it’s important to learn where you’re getting the most engagement, in order to achieve the highest ROI and further refine your online marketing strategy.

Set Google Analytics goals and monetize them.

Google Analytics goals are the best way to track leads and sales on your website. Learn how your leads found you, what your online sales revenue is, and more. This is by far one of the most underused aspects of Google Analytics by businesses of all sizes, because unless you read the entire Google Analytics help center, you may not even know that the function even exists.

Here’s an overview of Analytics goals:

While setting goals in Analytics is a win in itself, monetizing your goals is an even more realistic way to analyze your website’s results. Google Analytics Support offers a very comprehensive overview and directions for setting up goals, monetizing goals and utilizing them to their fullest – check it out here.

Upgrade your old version of Analytics toUniversal Analytics.

If your Google Analytics account has been sitting stale and unnoticed for a while, you probably missed out on the Universal Analytics upgrade. Although it is still in beta testing mode, Google Analytics will eventually fully migrate to it once all the kinks are worked out.

Universal Analytics gives old Google Analytics users a whole new set of insights and data. For example, it introduced the User ID, which gives website visitors a unique ID to attribute all of their actions to, helping you gain valuable insights into customer experience, just as you would in a store front.

If you think your Google Analytics needs to upgrade, follow this easy, two-step process to start gaining new insights today.

Start Getting Insights from Your Google Analytics Now

We hope we have provided your business with the tools, resources and head start to get more insights from your Analytics data. At MosaicVisual, we’re here to help you work smarter and get the most of your data and online marketing strategy.

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