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Visual Design is a fairly modern term that covers Web Design, Print Design, Video Design, and any other visual form of communication. When MosaicVisual creates visual design for San Diego customers, we focus on getting results first. We might get results with a flashy design, or we might get results with a clean, modern, minimalistic design. It all depends on many factors, including tried-and-true design concepts, marketing trends, and client and customer preference.

Custom Web Design

Web Design comes in many flavors, all custom-tailored to fit your needs. From a technical stand point, MosaicVisual specializes in coding HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery, and PHP.

WordPress Web Design

For many clients though, a custom solution is not needed. In those circumstance we almost always build your website on the WordPress platform. WordPress is fantastic – it is open sourced, so the platform is free to use. It has a great many themes pre designed that in many cases will give your website a head start in the design phase, saving you money. And it is VERY extensible – often free of charge or at a low cost point.

WordPress Theme Design

MosaicVisual is also quite capable in the skill of design themes for WordPress. WordPress themes are pre designed templates, and often include custom coding to address an industry’s specific needs.

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Print design has it’s own set of rules you must follow that separates itself complete from digital design solutions.

MosaicVisual is one of the few design studios that still has experienced, qualified print designers. We use the Adobe Creative Suite tools to bring your print projects to life – done right the first time.

Offering Print Services at a Discount

MosaicVisual has the contacts and industry leverage to broker your printing jobs at trade discounted rates. This means we do all the leg work, and you save time and often get printing quotes at a lower rate than you could get on your own. It’s a double win for you.

  • Brochures |
  • Catalogs |
  • Flyers and Sell Sheets |
  • Editorial Layouts |
  • Menus |
  • Newsletters |
  • Packaging |
  • Posters |
  • Large-Format Graphics

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Thanks to the huge success of YouTube and other video sites like Vimeo, video as a promotional platform is bigger and more effective than ever.

MosaicVisual can bring your next video production to life. We offer creative expertise for video composition, and can design video presentations at very cost effective rates.

If you need a video produced from scratch, we also have business alliances with video crews here in San Diego. We get the best pricing and pass along the savings to the client. It’s a win-win situation.

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