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MosaicVisual specializes in Online Marketing for San Diego. After you launch your website you need to perform Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Email Marketing. We can develop customized strategies to market these channels and stay within your budget.

Building a wonderful website is fun and rewarding but if you don’t implement an ongoing Search Engine Optimization marketing plan, your site will fail to attract the potential customers you need to sustain your business.

Building a website is like designing and printing a poster for your business. The poster goes up on a wall somewhere, but how do you pull in customers to actually see that poster. That is where Search Engine Optimization comes in play and why it is critical to get your SEO Marketing started as soon as possible.

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Social Media offers companies like yours unparalleled opportunity to communicate, respond, and react to your customers. Building an online social community can make or break a modern company.

Companies today leverage platforms like Facebook and Twitter for anything from emergency messages, breaking company news, technical information – anything can be communicated through social media. And it provides a great opportunity to understand how your customers feel about your brand, products, or services.

Customers love to interact with companies they purchase from. It helps build loyalty and companies can build their customer service reputation to be stronger than ever.

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As important as other Online Marketing plans are, if you have a new company and have launched your new website, then the first marketing step you take should be Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

The value of PPC is that it gets your business to the front page from day one. Nothing beats the opportunities of being listed on the first page of Google or Bing.

The strategy at MosaicVisual is always a balance between PPC and SEO. When SEO is low, build up your PPC spend. As your SEO builds in strength, you can phase back on the PPC spend. This balancing act will leverage your marketing dollars. We call it Marketing Optimization.

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Email Marketing is here to stay. It offers the most cost effective solution for companies to get out marketing or sales messages to customers and potential customers. But to be successful you need a plan to acquire and leverage the emails of your customers. Once you have those emails in your database, developing an Email Marketing Plan is your ticket to your customers.

MosaicVisual can set you up for both stages or email marketing – customer email acquisition and correspondance.

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