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Project Description

Client Profile

SoCal Mobile Notary provides professional and reliable notarial services to the public, lenders, brokers, escrow, title, legal or anyone who would be in need of such services in the San Diego County. They are licensed by California Secretary of State; and are fully insured and bonded.

They provide the convenience of notarizing your documents at your home, workplace, hospital, hotel, government buildings, detention facilities, your favorite coffee shop or any other location of your choice. They also have the flexibility to accommodate busy schedules or non-standard working hours including weekends and Holidays!

Their unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why my customers keep returning.


The Challenge

Full disclosure, this is my wife’s business (along with SoCal Translations). Lada is one of my most challenging customers. She is very specific in how she wants her site to look. It’s great because she pushes boundaries more than clients typically do.

The Solution

I developed her brand, then went to work on her site. This is a hybrid site, coded traditionally with WordPress added on for the blogging capabilities. I custom coded the initial page design plus I had to create a custom theme in WordPress so that it seamlessly matched the rest of the site.