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Project Description

Client Profile

Pasas Properties is a locally owned San Diego real estate and property management firm.  Their motto is Truth, Loyalty, Integrity and they strive to bring these concepts to life for their clients. Whether buying or selling, their Realtors will handle your experience with an eye towards making your transaction proceed as smoothly as possible.  They can also provide assistance if you are relocating to the San Diego region.


The Challenge

I was an existing vendor for Pasa Properties – doing work for their Smart International Investing website – so they came to me when there were technical difficulties with their Pasas Properties website. Unfortunately the site imploded and we learned they did not have a single back up of their site. On top of that, there had been hard-coded functions in their last site that could not be easily replicated – or so we thought.

The Solution

We needed a down-and-dirty fix, matching their previous functionality as much as possible. The site had to be rebuilt extremely quickly because they had an email marketing campaign active at the time that was sending traffic to their site. I met the challenge and got them back online in short order, matching their previous capabilities and even adding a couple new ones.