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Project Description

Company Profile

Mirabella Care is a small Company that provides big solutions to busy people. Marcie says, “I am so proud of the care we are able to provide to so many families. Our staff is professional, but more importantly, we are caring, and genuinely want to help. I look forward to the opportunity to assist your family!”

Website: www.MirabellaCare.com

The Challenge

Mirabella Care came to me with a need for a website but with a very restricted budget.

The Solution

I am skilled at providing options that meet almost any budget. In the case of Mirabella Care, I pointed the owner to choose from a sampling of pre-designed themes, with the understanding that she would only be allowed to swap out content and not be able to add new content.

The Results

This was perfect for her needs and she partnered with me, providing all the original content and photos I needed to customize the theme of her choice. She saved on design costs which really helped her bottom line. Her customers have been amazed at the elegance of the new site.