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Project Description

Client Profile

Coil Winding Specialist or CWS started as a design center for custom inductors, chokes, coils and transformers in the early 1980s in California. Its original objective was to provide custom designs for engineers in need of inductive and transformer products in a hurry.

CWS was eventually incorporated in California in 2004 and today it is staffed with professional engineers trained in power electronics and magnetic. All designs are done in their California facility. Manufacturing is done in the U.S. and China. CWS has IS0 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System.

I built one of their sub-domain sites.


The Challenge

CWS needed an online platform to launch their newest break-through in Efficient Fan Control technology. They offered products that could be used on residential and commercial HVAC units that optimized power cycles, saving 12-15%, with only a minimal investment.

The Solution

I designed a clean modern website that effectively promotes the CWS product line to customers and engineers alike. CWS liked their website so much – coupled with the strong marketing communications services I provide – that they asked me to be their designer of record.